Two Koi in a Yin Yang position in a sea of blue & white wispy glass framed by white opaque glass. The piece is framed with Zinc channel for strength.

As the daylight shifts to evening, so does the persona of the piece. Each glass piece takes on a different shade and sheen as the light changes.

Each piece of glass is selected as complimentary colors and textures to enhance the piece. Each glass piece is hand cut, ground to fit, copper foiled, soldered, framed in Zinc channel, finished with black patina and waxed for shine and protection (like your car). I solder the backside as carefully as the front as it is often viewed from both sides. Loops for hanging and a chain are attached.

The finished glass piece is approx. 10″ x 14″.

This piece has been sold, however I can recreate it in about 2-4 weeks.

This piece comes gift boxed with instructions on how to care for your stained glass.

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(I insure each piece when shipping)