In Sanskrit, ‘padme’ is the lotus – Buddhism’s symbolic bloom of wisdom, purity and rising above the mud of mortal greed and desire. And the lotus flower is only the root of it. Om mani padme hum… This mantra is where anyone would start if they wanted to embody the values of the lotus.

This original Beveled Lotus Blossom Panel depicts the serenity of the symbol with hand blown aqua and clear art glass as its background. The Bevels in the Lotus Blossom and border provide so much shimmer and shine, rainbows in the room similar to crystals in the sun.

This is a tiffany style (copper foil) panel and is made with primarily clear beveled glass, aqua art glass, and ribbed architectural glass.

It was designed and hand crafted by glass artist Pamela Merritt Kramer. Each piece of glass was hand cut, ground to fit perfectly, edges wrapped with copper foil, soldered together, and patina-ed black. Both the front and back solder is finished smoothly. The piece is then cleaned and waxed to a beautiful shine that resists finger prints and dust.

The piece is 11.5″ high and 14’5″ wide

Each piece is carefully packaged, and insured upon shipment. Hanging hooks with chain attached.

This beautiful panel comes with instructions on how to care for your stained glass piece.

A very special and unique gift for that special someone!