THESE ARE SOLD, however, I can make one for you, you can choose the color of the sky. The color glass will be different for the sky, as no two hand blown pieces are the same. Let me know your color preference. Light blue, royal blue, turquoise, sunset colors (orange/pink/yellow), etc. Any color you want.

In this contemporary panel, the sky is a blue transparent streaky glass or vibrant streaky turquoise (with hints of pink) the moon is streaky white glass OR iridized white , and the stars in the sky are sparkling clear glass bevels. The Man in the Moon’s eye reflects the sky. (This is one of my favorites.) As the light changes, so does the piece. The first image is with the sun shining in the background. The second image was at night with a light behind the piece.

Each piece is hand cut, copper foiled, soldered, finished with black patina and waxed for shine and protection (like your car). I solder the backside as carefully as the front. (The middle photo is the backside of the work. )

The finished piece is approx. 13″ diameter. It comes with hanging loops and chain.

This piece comes boxed with instructions on how to care for your stained glass.

This will be a 4-6 week shipment as I will make it to your specifications.

(I insure each piece when shipping)

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