Wolf handmade Raku Tile decorated in assorted glazes with copper gloss, copper matte, crackle and smoke black. Each tile has a magnet and a loop for hanging on wall. These 2″ x 1.5″ tiles include story card and come in gift box 

Each handcrafted art piece is fired in an outdoor kiln to 2000 degrees fahrenheit.  It is pulled red hot from the oven and left to smolder in a pit with wood shavings. This is where the background colors come from – blues, copper, purples, silver.  Not everyone survives their trial by fire.  The ones that do, cultivate strength & beauty.  Beautiful colors – no two pieces will look alike as Raku coloration varies.

Has both a copper hanger and magnet to display. 

Handmade and handsigned pottery. Made with Love. Makes a great gift.

The photos are examples only. Please let me know if you have a preference in colors.